Complimentary Book Chapters

Navigating the Digital Age: The Definitive Cybersecurity
Guide for Directors and Officers

Aimed at educating directors and officers to help them build resiliency against cyberattacks, the new book brings together the expertise of respected leaders in the field of cybersecurity. Contributors from the industry, as well as the legal, financial services, and enterprise IT communities, share their insights and advice to effectively mitigate risk.

The Fidelis chapters address the concerns around the blurring lines of an attack, why traditional remediation methods increase the risk of retaliation, and why an organization’s forensic remediation efforts are sometimes ineffective.

Topics covered in these chapters include:

  • Planning, preparing for, and testing enterprise-wise incident response capabilities
  • Detecting, analyzing and understanding threat vectors
  • Adopting an outcome-based approach to forensic remediation
  • Building a capable forensics and incident response team
  • Leveraging lessons learned in containment and eradication of major breaches

Navigating the Digital Age
Download the chapter:
"Forensic Remediation"
written by Jim Jaeger and Ryan Vela

Navigating the Digital Age
Download the chapter:
"Detecting, Analysis, and Understanding of Threat Vectors"
written by Jim Jaeger